Point Source / Field Source Implementation


As discussed earlier, I am trying to work on putting in a way to include time dependent point sources (specifically of a moment tensor style formulation) in pylith. After reviewing the recommended paper by Komastitsch et. al., the manner in which they input these sources (for the elastic case) was simply to represent these much in the same manner as body forces are represented right now.

However, adding a time dependent body force seems like an ugly way to approach this, considering the manner in which time variation is addressed in pylith, and especially if no other material parameters are time dependent. Would it be possible to add these forces in a manner similar to how the gravity field is currently added (separate and above the material parameters), except instead of specifying a single value in the case of gravity, giving an input nD + t dimension field (or input in a similar manner to time varying boundary conditions)? To reiterate, i think we agreed that the source input would be represented as a field, with values zero save for the point(s) in space and time where specified point sources exist.

I have been trying to construct an example with values of gravity acceleration that vary with time, to see if something like this could be done, and were already implemented, but am not having a great deal of luck.

Let’s move this discussion to GitHub Issues since we already have an issue open.