Postdoc in geodynamics (ASPECT modelling) at University of Oslo, Norway

Posted in this thread (as well as Job Postings) as ASPECT is to be used. Hope that is OK.

The University of Oslo (Centre for Earth Evolution and Dynamics - CEED) is seeking a postdoctoral researcher (3 years) in numerical modelling of mantle convection.

Prior knowledge and experience of running a finite element code including ASPECT, or similar mantle convection codes, is desired. The position is part of the project POLARIS – the evolution of the Arctic in deep time, with funding from the Norwegian Research Council. The candidate will focus on the development mantle plumes, plume-slab interactions, and tectonic reconstructions as surface boundary conditions. A specific case study will be applied to large-scale volcanism of the Arctic, including the High Arctic Large Igneous Province (HALIP). Prior knowledge of Arctic tectonics is not necessary, but an advantage.

Starting date in the first quarter 2022, preferably by February. Application deadline 19th November 2021. More information at link: Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Geodynamic modelling (214045) | University of Oslo

I can be contacted at with any further questions.
Cheers, Grace.