Point values for the subsection Postprocess does not work for one of the free surface cases


I have another favor to ask from experts in using ASPECT.

Sometimes we want to output the results at some specific points. The simplest way is to turn the option “point values” on when setting the “subsection Postprocess”. Such an approach works for most cases. However, I found that the prm file can’t be executed when the “subsection Mesh deformation” is chosen for cases with free surface boundary.

For example,
subsection Postprocess
set List of postprocessors = visualization,velocity statistics, point values
subsection Point values
set Evaluation points=2000.0,0.0,660.0;2000.0,1000.0,660.0;2000.0,2000.0,660.0;2000.0,3000.0,660.0

With the following settings, we get errors. Without them, we get the outputs at the specified points.
subsection Mesh deformation
set Mesh deformation boundary indicators = top: free surface
subsection Free surface
set Free surface stabilization theta = 0.75

Does anyone meet similar issue? Are there any other approaches to get the results on specified results? Just reading it when opening ParaView is really time-consuming.


Now I use a script to read the data from the vtk files.

Hello Shaozhuo,
What can happen is that because of the movement of the surface, the points you request fall outside of the domain. At the moment, the point values postprocessor will then fail. Is that what happens? I’m guessing your model is 660 km deep, so you’re requesting points right at the surface, which will move when the free surface is used. I usually select points a bit below the original surface.