Error computing orientation of cell face

I divided the surface into several fault plane and assigned different friction parameters. the nodesets and sidesets are shown in the figure below.nodesets sidesets . when i give some change for code of 3d/hex8/step13 ,It has the following error and exits


It appears that you have a horizontal fault surface (x-y plane). See up_dir in Section 6.4.3 of the PyLith v2.2.2 manual. The first fault tangential direction is up_dir x fault_normal and the second fault tangential direction is fault_normal x first_tangential_dir. In order to define the first tangential direction you must specify an up_dir that is not collinear with the fault normal direction. The default is [0,0,1] which works as long as the fault surface is not horizontal (x-y plane).

Yeah, it works when I change my up-dir to (1,1,0), * But I think all six of my faults are in the X-Z plane.

You can also get this error if you have faults with buried edges and forget to set them accordingly. See figures 6.3 and 6.4 in the PyLith v2.2.1 or v2.2.2 manual.

yeah,it works when i reset buried edges.thank you!