CIG March Announcements: BP Mini-Hackathon, Annual Report

2024 CIG Software Development Best Practices Hackathon

Have ideas on how CIG can improve the software development and maintenance experience? Register for this mini-hackathon and contribute to updating and improving our guidance for creating and maintaining quality research software. Can’t attend? Contribute by opening an issue in the GitHub repo.

The hack will be followed by an open discussion on supporting computational modeling emerging technologies towards establishing a new working group(s).
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2023 CIG Annual Report

The CIG Annual Report (CAR) has a new look. This year’s CAR is data rich and interactive. We invite you to explore in depth the accomplishments of CIG through the years by visiting Governance > Annual Report

We are interested in hearing what ideas you have for improvements for next year. Note that we have not finish integrating all the data from past events.
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