[CIG-ALL] Save the Date: 2020 CIG Community Workshop - 13-15 October

21 July 2020

Dear Community,

Please save Tuesday - Thursday, 13-15 October for the 2020 CIG Community Workshop- Advancing Our Understanding or Earth Dynamics in CIG IV. Times tbd.

This virtual workshop is the latest in a series of planning activities leading up to CIG IV and aims to bring together the geophysics community to address the science that drives computational geophysics and the development of state-of-the-art software. Outcomes from this workshop will inform the development of the CIG IV proposal in 2021. Building the capacity for leadership level computation and promoting the use of cutting-edge algorithms throughout the CIG community demands a broad vision that includes community education, resource development, and increasing and supporting computational expertise to make computing more approachable and accessible. The workshop intends to provide a forum to discuss opportunities and initiatives to meet community needs in supporting the practice of leading-edge, open science.

As CIG looks towards the future, we invite community input on CIG initiatives through participation in discussions and contributions of science, technology, infrastructure, and outreach posters. Participants from a wide range of disciplines in the computational and geosciences are encouraged to attend. We especially seek feedback from early-career scientists in creating the vision for the next phase of CIG to meet the future challenges in geodynamics.

Meeting information as it becomes available will be posted to our website: https://geodynamics.org/cig/events/calendar/2020-community-workshop

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