[CIG-ALL] Request for Community input to Catalyzing Opportunities for Research in the Earth Sciences (CORES)

Dear CIG community:

The National Academies is conducting a study on Catalyzing
Opportunities for Research in the Earth Sciences (CORES) for the Division of
Earth Sciences at the National Science Foundation and wants to hear from you!

The purpose of the CORES study is to (1) identify a concise set of
high-priority scientific questions for the next decade, (2) assess
infrastructure needed to address these questions, and (3) determine
opportunities for greater collaboration with other NSF divisions and
directorates, federal agencies, and domestic and international partners.

The CORES committee strongly feels that this study must be informed by vigorous
community input from across the entire spectrum of Earth sciences. One of the
ways the CORES committee is soliciting input is through a questionnaire
assessing your ideas about upcoming research priorities: https://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/4717567/CORES-Community-Input

The CORES site (http://nas-sites.org/dels/studies/cores/) provides more detailed
information on the study charge, as well as a complete list of committee
members. Please go to the website and contribute your comments regarding
the top Earth science priorities for the next decade.

I hope you will join me in providing your ideas to the CORES committee,
as this will influence scientific directions in our field for the coming decade.

Best wishes,

Louise Kellogg

Director, Computational Infrastructure for Geodynamics

CORES Information Sheet.pdf (416 KB)