[CIG-ALL] deal.II User and Developer Workshop: August 6-9, 2019

Dear colleagues,

    Seventh deal.II Users' and Developers' workshop
will be held August 6-9, 2019 in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA. The
intent of this workshop is to discuss applications and tools using
deal.II, as well as future directions of the library itself.

We invite proposals for talks and discussion topics by users and
existing developers in the following areas:
  - Use cases and applications of the library.
  - What users think would be useful directions for the library to go into, things that are missing, and possibly getting people together who can help implement those parts.
  - Newer parts of the library (e.g., geometry descriptions, large parallel computations, etc.) and how these could help in your programs.
A significant part of the time will be set aside for "hackathon"- or "code jam"-style sessions where people can ask questions, work on their codes with others, and receive help from experienced users.

For workshop and registration information, see
   Seventh deal.II Users and Developers Workshop

Deadline for registration: May 5, 2019. Participation is capped at
around 60.

Travel support: A limited amount of (domestic) travel support is available courtesy of the National Science Foundation, and will be given on a first come first serve basis, with preference to undergraduate and graduate students. If you need support, please state so in your registration.

The organizers
   Wolfgang Bangerth (Colorado State University, bangerth@colostate.edu)
   Timo Heister (University of Utah, heister@sci.utah.edu)