[CIG-ALL] Computational Methods for PDEs Summer School, August 3-5 2019

Dear colleagues,

To come right to the point, the community devoted to the numerical
solution of partial differential equations is not diverse. Most
researchers are white males, and the majority of software packages in
the area are developed by all-white all-male teams. We all lose out if
we accept this state.

An important piece in addressing this issue is building a *community*
among those who do not look like the majority. As one step towards
this, we will run the

   Computational Methods for PDEs Summer School
   Colorado State University
   Fort Collins, CO, USA
   August 3-9, 2019
   Computational Methods for PDEs Summer School

This summer school is geared toward undergraduate and graduate
students with an interest in the numerical solution of partial
differential equations, primarily using the finite element
method. While registration is open to everyone, we will give strong
preference to women and underrepresented groups.

The school will run August 3-5. It precedes the "Seventh deal.II
Users' and Developers' workshop" which will be held August 6-9, 2019,
also in Fort Collins, Colorado. Participants of the school will get an
introduction to deal.II and will then participate in the deal.II
workshop where they get to further build a network of peers.

For workshop and registration information, see
   Computational Methods for PDEs Summer School

Deadline for registration: May 5, 2019. Participation is capped at
around 30.

Travel support:
A limited amount of (domestic) travel support is available courtesy of the National Science Foundation, and will be given on a first come first serve basis, with preference to undergraduate and graduate students. If you need support, please state so in your registration.

The organizers
   Wolfgang Bangerth (Colorado State University)
   Juliane Dannberg (University of California, Davis)
   Timo Heister (University of Utah)
   Annalisa Quaini (University of Houston)
   Natasha Sharma (University of Texas at El Paso)