[CIG-ALL] 2020 TACC Institute Series

Registration is open for the TACC Summer Institutes.

The TACC Institute Series offers attendees an intense, immersive training in advanced computation from our onsite experts. Topics include developing parallel applications for modern high performance computers, visualizing and analyzing large data sets, machine learning and deep learning techniques for diving into your datasets, and developing and executing reproducible experiments in the cloud. The TACC Institutes Series focuses on administering leadership-class advanced computing systems, and helping organizations understand the many considerations to weigh when purchasing and operating advanced computing resources. This is also an excellent opportunity to network with TACC research staff, our affiliates, and other attendees.

TACC has decided to host all of our summer institutes online. During our discussions on how to effectively host our institutes via webcast and still keep the TACC look and feel, we’ve expanded the institute schedule with interactive training sessions and presentations offered throughout the summer months, each related to specific institute track. As such, we've adjusted the price accordingly. For those who have already registered, a price adjustment will be made to your registration fee when registration closes.

The upcoming scheduled institutes are:

July 2020:
Computational Research Techniques
This will be run in 3 parallel tracks throughout the month of June with some crossover. Registering for one track allows you to attend sessions from other tracks of this series as well.

Applied Parallel Programming
Learn from TACC's high performance computing experts how to code parallel applications using OpenMP and MPI, profile and optimize sequential and parallel applications, debug parallel software, and develop software for many-core architectures, and more.

Scientific Visualization
TACC's visualization experts will provide instruction on how to generate rich, informative visualizations from your simulation results and data sets. Get started with VisIt and Paraview among other technologies, to learn the basics of developing interesting and worthwhile geographic and information visualizations.

Reproducible Science
Learn about the tools necessary to build more complex workflows and techniques to ensure your runtime environment is reproducible and flexible. Use virtual machines and containers to develop and execute scientific workflows in the cloud with the ability to expand to large-scale systems.

August 2020:
Machine Learning in cooperation with Intel
Use machine learning and deep learning techniques to improve insights into your data. Spend a week with TACC's data analysis experts learning about the latest tools and techniques for analyzing and processing your Big Data problems. And see how Machine Learning and Deep Learning fits into your discovery workflow.

Attendees to TACC Institutes will receive a certificate of attendance with their name, the title of the institute and the dates of the program.

You can register for the institutes we have scheduled following this link: TACC Summer 2020 Institutes <https://u3538327.ct.sendgrid.net/ls/click?upn=2GPhe2Z6wR5GjXYJYhE-2FaTzzVLhv4ZPDpJUZ58ov4Xj8fB1szeU0TG6k81325iQoDPR9ROInFSnLVMSjqrJ0uw-3D-3DLG-L_e4Rpw3knOK9yG6Rrs5IlTejqOrZqfH6X1B-2FFbOO3cTnpDN4sFFS686gQWU9xZucEuSDixRVNeqbEFrG2ggyrRQ7WSHZ0eTEhV7OwLrMJqNTsETW0XenLKqvdYLxom1rMll6TIi4If-2BrWuh2EYlZ6n33UH3WxtJj81-2FLu359Zc-2Fafc-2FCdEJXuvBVn8wEztEh-2FPCWflHniF1VUgFOcvC30ITssWg3ZPGd1IowRVvsmz3jfJj319Z5X81rByYAKEHUNWLVfXAd0bU4WJIXwSoG8iKVnLNAuNG0oWzYy1-2F4z0wUpQphzDkrFCNMLHePnlTGT1e6-2FonjXPheIcC5PzpEdIC1EoGY4McyMKaWxtHkf6VEEDT6mYdZb-2F9QyDsecGMXCg0OhKp-2Fe22HgXY6FKZ6AjzGq-2FJBQ3DGORx34oWVNoPiBqvzelrLc4k3g68ta4ZAZ>.

This summer we're also offering a fellowship program to help students cover costs associated with registration for our institutes. If you are interested in applying, please fill out this fellowship survey <https://u3538327.ct.sendgrid.net/ls/click?upn=2GPhe2Z6wR5GjXYJYhE-2FaesDDABMCw9Hq3QYOk1nAeQa0YZDB-2FAEfxoovUXt-2FXOBsg18_e4Rpw3knOK9yG6Rrs5IlTejqOrZqfH6X1B-2FFbOO3cTnpDN4sFFS686gQWU9xZucEuSDixRVNeqbEFrG2ggyrRQ7WSHZ0eTEhV7OwLrMJqNTsETW0XenLKqvdYLxom1rMll6TIi4If-2BrWuh2EYlZ6n33UH3WxtJj81-2FLu359Zc-2Fafc-2FCdEJXuvBVn8wEztEh-2FPCWflHniF1VUgFOcvC30ITssWg3ZPGd1IowRVvsmz3ivEwtBWzR1ibcIZrRTMbXyoYhamNIe7Gi-2FUkb50rXDjCgeQVwZtnnfLyBgkrTkKrCnzDITx84LDcuP54hKmpBLFwLw5EalFBHRq9JH6HAPkC1SyAyqduWjgEP5EZ2K8pzPlgFnuZSsA49pr-2B7D1IiPsARm5KLhxVq1-2Bnk-2FyXw97hk6EsMnO8CTfsLbuJYs9PHXdRYtzNJpzdtpf34IZajB>.

If you have any questions, email us at ssi@tacc.utexas.edu <mailto:ssi@tacc.utexas.edu>. Thank you for your time and hope to see you this Summer!

Charlie Dey
Director of Training and Professional Development
Chris Hempel
Texas Advanced Computing Center, 10100 Burnet Road, Building 196 (R8700), Austin, TX 78758
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