Can’t create the output directory

Getting following error while running a simple convection-box model. Need some help to understand and bug the error. The error is following:

ERROR: Uncaught exception in MPI_InitFinalize on proc 0. Skipping MPI_Finalize() to avoid a deadlock.

An error occurred in line <990> of file </mnt/lustre/new_apps/cle7/aspect/2.1.0/gcc/8.3.0/tar/aspect-2.1.0/source/> in function

void aspect::Utilities::create_directory(const string&, const MPI_Comm&, bool)

The violated condition was:

error == 0

Additional information:

Can’t create the output directory at

you cut off the rest of the error message, but the error message should be pretty clear: It can’t create a directory. There could be many reasons: You don’t have write access to the place where it tries to create the directory; you are out of disk space; etc. If you looked at the rest of the error message, you’d see where ASPECT tries to create that directory, and that might help you figure out why that doesn’t work.

Hi Bangerth

Thanks. Seems like providing the absolute path of the output directory solved the issue.