Calling all Cray info: any installation tips for aspect

Hi all,

We’ve ran into some trouble on our cray based Archer supercomputer in the UK.

We are working on getting a fix to have deal ii 9.1 installed and are looking for any installation guides for aspect on cray systems. The more information we have the better - the cray systems are quite tricky so any small thing that helped elsewhere might save a lot of time and effort.

We’ll also be contacting the deal ii community but just reaching out on here to see if there are similar lost souls.



Take a look at the deal.II forum as there are a number of posts about
how to install deal.II on Cray systems – though you will find that
there are many pitfalls, primarily related to the fact that the front
end node on which you compile has a different architecture than the
compute nodes. This causes all sorts of trouble.

I would not be surprised if it would help if you tried to find out up
front whether the Archer folks have someone who could help you with this


Hi Wolfgang,

Thanks for the message - yes, we are working with the Archer folks and they suggested we just give a quick shout out to the Aspect community to see if there has been any success with Cray.

As the Archer support said “every little helps with cray”.