Running aspect with more computers

I have two computers , each has 32 processors.

I have installed the intel-mpi

I installed the dealii by commanding as installation in cluster

./ -p /home/ncku/aspect-hpc/bin/ --platform=./deal.II-toolchain/platforms/supported/linux_cluster.platform -j 32

then compiled dealii and aspect successfully

Which option in aspect code that I can change in order to run aspect in parallel with two computers

how do I distribute the job between two computers

I saw the manual and github candi and still didn’t find the answers and confused

The running command I use like

mpiexec -np 32 ./aspect -j cookbooks/crustal_model2D.prm

the job still gather in one computer

This is less of a deal.II or ASPECT question. We assume that you have a cluster setup (even if homemade).
This is somewhat complicated and involves ssh, NFS, and MPI host setup. Some pointers that might be helpful:

Good luck!

thanks, @tjhei, I make it. Thanks for reply :slight_smile: