ASPECT Newsletter #93

Hello everyone!

       This is ASPECT newsletter #93.

It automatically reports recently merged features and discussions about the ASPECT mantle convection code.

Below you find a list of recently proposed or merged features:

#3305: Maintenance Dec 2019 (proposed by tjhei; merged)
#3304: Replace dynamic_casts by proper function calls (proposed by gassmoeller)
#3303: Make some runtime checks AssertThrow (proposed by gassmoeller; merged)
#3302: Fix bug in AsciiDataLookup::load_file for time dependent non-equidistant data files (proposed by gassmoeller; merged)
#3301: Add new publications (proposed by gassmoeller; merged)
#3300: Add spack installation file (proposed by gassmoeller; merged)
#3299: Add spack task to release list (proposed by gassmoeller; merged)
#3298: Unify the output of Stokes and Advection solver exceptions (proposed by gassmoeller)
#3297: Read files from url using libdap (proposed by kneumiller)
#3294: Move ownership and responiblity of particle world to simulator (proposed by MFraters; merged)
#3271: Let phase function handle compositions (proposed by gassmoeller; merged)

And this is a list of recently opened or closed discussions:

#3296 Add Heron publication to Publication list (opened and closed)
#3295 Add Robey thesis to publications (opened and closed)
#3254 Restart does not take into account initial topography of the mesh. (closed)
#3248 inconsistent constraints crash (closed)
#3113 Write a brittle thrust wedge cookbook based on the Buiter et al. 2016 benchmarks (closed)

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