World Builder causing error during configuration

Hi all,
I am trying to install the development version and I get this errors (attached screenshot) when configuring ASPECT, which I don’t get if I switch the world builder off.
Thank you for your help.

Hey Moh,

Thank you for reporting the problem. Could you check three things for me?

  1. What version of cmake are you using? You can find your version with cmake -v.
  2. Could you go to the directory /nobackup/earmgo/aspect_workshop/aspect/contrib/world_builder/ and see if there is a file called VERSION in there?
  3. Could you check through ccmake . in your build directly, the value of WORLD_BUILDER_SOURCE_DIR?



Hi Menno,

Thanks for the quick reply.

  1. cmake version
  2. yes the file VERSION exists
  3. WORLD_BUILDER_SOURCE_DIR is not specified (see attached screenshot)


Hi Menno,

After checking the cmake version I realised it might be the issue, I re-run the configuration with cmake 3.15.1 and it worked.


Great, I was just going to suggest that :slight_smile: The newer version of cmake should also considerably speed up speed up your compilation.

To fix the issue with this cmake, I think the issue is that it doesn’t support multiple split lines. So I think in CMakeLists.txt line 126 needs to be merged with line 127, it says SET(WORLD_BUILDER_SOURCE_DIR "" CACHE PATH "Provide an external World Builder directory to be compiled with ASPECT. If the path is not not provided or the World Builder is not found in the provided location, the version in the contrib folder is is used.")

I will test this locally and make a pull request (also feel free to test it yourself and report back if you want). Thanks again for reporting the issue!

Merging lines 126 and 127 in CMakeLists.txt solve the configuration issue with cmake 2.8.
Thanks Menno for you help :slight_smile:

Thanks for testing that and reporting back! I made a pull request fixing the issue: Fix split line problem for cmake version 2.8.12. by MFraters · Pull Request #4026 · geodynamics/aspect · GitHub, although the better solution is to use a newer cmake version like you did :slight_smile:

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