Volcano, dike example on PyLith wiki

I have updated the volcano / dike example on the PyLith wiki. In smoothing the mesh using CUBIT 15.3 (and presumably current versions of Trelis as well), the mesh topology became incorrect resulting in NaN for the norm of the residual when running PyLith.

Simply multiple smoothing passes with a single pass creates a good quality mesh with correct topology. I also updated the field split solver settings in pylithapp.cfg for PyLith v2.2.1.

Thanks to Josh Jones for reporting this issue.

Dear Dr Aagard,
I would like to use pylith for modeling ground displacement. I have tested the example two_source_dike_slip.cfg. I have generated the mesh using trelis pro 16.5 but I have the following problem when I run pylith the following message appears :
[0]PETSC ERROR: --------------------- Error Message --------------------------------------------------------------
[0]PETSC ERROR: KSPSolve has not converged due to Nan or Inf norm
It seems that this error is similar to the one you mention.
Thank you for helping me
Best Regard

This could be similar. Please create a log file with everything from stdout and stderr (pylith two_source_dike_slip.cfg >& run.log) so that we can see the entire error message. Please attach the log file and the pylith_parameters.json file to your post.

Dear Dr Aagard,
I have resolved this problem by suppressing in the file mesh_simple_var.jou the lines corresponding to the smoothing of the mesh
volume all …
smooth volume all. Now it seems OK.
Thank you very much for your reply.