Visualization of rheology's influence

Hello All,

I ran a model implementing the dislocation and diffusion creep, I would like to ask you how I can visualize its effects. Using paraview the only parameter I can see is the viscosity, but I would like to visualize the viscosity diffusion , and the viscosity dislocation. Please, help me with this doubt.

thanks in advance.

Dear Katevill,

This has not yet been implemented in ASPECT. We are working on implementing additional outputs for the components of strains from individual deformation mechanisms, but this work is not high on our agenda. We are not planning to output the viscosities from individual mechanisms.

There are two options open to you:

  • You can calculate the viscosities for individual mechanisms yourself outside of ASPECT, using the scalar deviatoric stress output by ASPECT (scalar deviatoric stress = 2*effective viscosity*scalar strain rate). You will need to use the rheological equations for diffusion and dislocation creep to calculate the viscosities from this stress.
  • You could help us to implement the additional outputs in the diffusion-dislocation creep model.

The former option is the easier approach.

Best wishes,