Some problems exsit in continental_extension.prm

Dear all

I run continental_extension.prm twice.

rand_seed() should give the model two different result. However the two results are the same.This is why

continental_extension.prm (13.5 KB)


Hi Xu,

continental_extension.prm uses “rand_seed”, which produces random values based on a seed. This means it always produces the identical values when you rerun it.

If you want to have different results every time you run it, replace “rand_seed(n)” by “rand()”.

Note that there is also a bug in deal.II 9.4 that causes rand_seed to not be random at all, see rand_seed always returns the same value · Issue #5114 · geodynamics/aspect · GitHub


Thanks for your response

After replace “rand_seed(n)” by “rand()” in the prm. There are some errors

Message: <Too many parameters for function “rand” at expression position 47>
Formula: <if(x>50.e3 && x<150.e3 && y>50.e3, 0.5 + rand(1), 0) >

Why does this happen


Replace “rand_seed(1)” by “rand()” without arguments.

Thanks for your help