Slab contour as input in 3D subduction model

Dear everyone,

I am a PhD student and currently learn to do simulation with 3D subduction zone model.

I would like to ask the format of slab contour to create the surface in cubit. I already downloaded slab contour from Hayes and I checked the slab contour data in the examples/3d/subduction/mesh/ They have different order (slab contour form Hayes starts from deeper depth. But the example starts from shallower depth). Do I have to rearrange the data by myself or pylith provides the script to extract the slab contour?

Thank you for your assisstances.


The Python script used to generate the slab geometry in examples/3d/subduction/mesh is provided to illustrate the general workflow. In almost all cases, you will need to adapt the script for your particular case.

Thank you for your response, Brad. I will try to adapt the script.

Best Regards,