Slab model with Gmsh

Dear everyone,

I working on crustal deformation analysis for the first time and I am very new into geodynamics simulation workflows. I have seen studies of the integration of slab geometries (as in slab 2.0, by Hayes et al) with PyLith, but I have not yet seen the workflow for treating these types of geometries with non-commercial tools like Gmsh. Are there any examples available?

Any suggestion or additional comments will be appreciated

We have not yet created a PyLith importer for Gmsh, so we do not yet have any examples demonstrating the meshing workflow with Gmsh. The general workflow for most finite-element mesh generation tools is quite similar:

(1) define the geometry,
(2) set the meshing scheme and sizing information,
(3) generate the mesh,
(4) improve mesh quality if necessary, and
(5) mark boundaries, interface, cells, etc as necessary for materials, BC, etc.

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