Resources for science education


I thought I would share this email from the Smithsonian for those who have school age children at home or are just a child at heart.

In addition, if you are looking for activities to keep inquiring minds busy, many museums offer virtual tours of their collections. If you know of any other similar resrources, please feel free to share with the community.

From the Smithsonian:

Dear Friends,

Your Smithsonian remains committed to supporting lifelong learners of all ages in these unprecedented times. Millions of digital educational resources from Smithsonian museums, research centers, libraries, and archives are at your fingertips, including content geared specifically toward students and teachers.

Whether you’re new to distance learning or a seasoned pro, the Smithsonian has you and your loved ones covered! Check out the resources below.

:books: The Smithsonian Learning Lab , which includes pre-packaged collections containing lessons, activities, and recommended resources made by Smithsonian museum educators as well as thousands of classroom teachers across the country. Visit the Smithsonian Learning Lab’s Distance Learning hub , which is being updated regularly with the latest information and resources.

:joystick: Visit the Smithsonian Science Education Center’s Game Center , which is full of fun apps and games to help K-12 students learn about science. Games like “Tami’s Tower: Let’s Think About Engineering,” a design game that will help teach your student how to design a solution to a problem using basic engineering design principles.

:memo: Looking for low- or no-tech resources to keep young learners engaged? These activity pages include word and number games, art exercises, and fun quizzes. You can also try some hands-on activities from the National Air and Space Museum.

:studio_microphone: Older students can benefit from the Smithsonian Folklife and Oral History Interviewing Guide , which offers guidance on collecting oral histories to help preserve culture and traditions for future generations.

:mailbox_with_mail: Our Smithsonian educators are here to support your discovery and use of these materials now and into the future through training, office hours, and more. Do you have a question, idea, or request of our Smithsonian Education team? Reach out at

The Smithsonian is able to achieve our mission of creating and sharing knowledge thanks to generous support from people like you. Thank you for helping us reach, educate and empower millions of people around the world—today, and every day.