Re: [aspect-devel] Calling a parameter value in utilities


Thanks for the help, passing the value as a parameter in the read_and_distribute_file_content function from the calling plugin seemed to work!

The parameter is used to determine if the file to be read is coming from a url or is a local file. It would affect the way the function reads in the file if it needs to get said file from a url. Otherwise if it is a local file the function will read in the file as usual. The function is still being called from the appropriate plugins, except now it has the option to read files from a url or from the local system.

Are you just parsing the string argument to see whether it starts with http:// or similar, or did you introduce a second argument to the function that determines whether it’s a local file or a remote one? I think it would be useful to have the first option (parsing the string) because then we can use that right away from input (.prm) files without any further change to the code base!