Question on examples/3d/hex8/step14

Dear everyone,

I would like to ask you which are the units of measurement of the results obtained in the example Step14: Rate-and-State Friction with Quasi-Static Dirichlet Boundary Conditions? The resulting sliprates on fault are of the order of 10e-8. (I would expect to obtain sliprates of the order of 10e-3 m/s or higher for the case of an earthquake).
Thank you very much for your help

All output values are in SI units. So slip rate is in m/s.

I assume you are referring to examples/3d/hex8/step14. The time steps are quite large, which results in slower slip rates for a given amount of slip. These examples are intended to illustrate the basic concepts and run quickly. A more accurate solution likely requires smaller time steps and a finer mesh.