Question in generating a shared library in a 3D subduction model

Dear All,

We have a quick question about generating a shared library.
We are currently using the VM ASPECT using the following file in a geodynamics class.

We would like to run the 3D subduction model using this input.

However, we are having trouble to generate a shared library. We copied the CMakeLists.txt from doc/ and put in a directory where we have the plugin *.cc and *.h files. We can successfully generate a makefile, but are not able to produce a shared library. We have been reading Section 6.2 in the manual.

I am suspecting that the plugin might not be compatible with this version of VM ASPECT, but I am not sure. It is quite possible that I did not follow the instruction very well.

I attach the CMakeLists.txt and a screenshot of a part of the error message. We would greatly appreciate it if we could have feedback on this.


FIND_PACKAGE(Aspect 2.1.0 QUIET HINTS ${Aspect_DIR} …/ …/…/ $ENV{ASPECT_DIR})

“Could not find a valid ASPECT build/installation directory. "
“Please specify the directory where you are building ASPECT by passing\n”
" -D Aspect_DIR=\n”
"to cmake or by setting the environment variable ASPECT_DIR in your shell "
"before calling cmake. See the section ‘How to write a plugin’ in the "
“manual for more information.”)


SET(TARGET “my_plugin”)


Yes, this plugin was written for an earlier version of ASPECT, using classes and functions that have since been changed in incompatible ways. You will have to update the code to match the current version of ASPECT.

You can either do this by going through the release announcements (e.g., at to see what has changed in incompatible ways, or at least some of the changes can be done with the scripts in doc/update_scripts.

Great, thank you so much for your help and quick response. We greatly appreciate. I apologize about the late response.