Postdoctoral position in Tectonic Modeling at ENS Paris

The Geoscience Department at Ecole Normale Supérieure is inviting applications for a 19-month postdoctoral position in the field of tectonic modeling, funded by the French National Research Agency.

Off-fault deformation between and during large earthquakes appears primarily elastic, and thus reversible. Yet, a growing body of observations suggests that inelastic strain accumulates over hundreds of seismic cycles, and contributes to shaping the morphology of active margins. This project seeks to model the accumulation of non-recoverable deformation in Earth’s upper crust, one seismic cycle at a time. This will involve designing 2-D finite-element simulations in which a fault experiences cycles of locking and unlocking that load and unload the surrounding blocks, resulting in material fatigue. The simulation results will be compared to a wide range of geodetic, geomorphological and geological observations to better understand how seismic cycles may leave a permanent footprint in tectonic landscapes.

The successful applicant will join a vibrant, welcoming and collaborative department located in the center of Paris, with world-class expertise in geodynamics, geodesy, and rock mechanics. A PhD is required by the start date. A background in computational geodynamics, seismology or solid mechanics is preferable.

Start date: between June 1st and October 31st, 2023.

How to apply: please email your application to Jean-Arthur Olive ( Application should include:
• CV including list of publications
• Brief cover letter on the applicant’s research background and interests
• Contact information for at least one reference
Potential candidates should feel free to reach out ahead of sending their application materials if they have any question.