Postdoctoral Opportunities at UTIG (University of Texas)

We at UTIG at the Jackson School of Earth Sciences at the University of Texas at Austin are looking for two post-docs, one at an institute level, and one in computational geodynamics.

  1. The UTIG Institutional Postdoctoral Fellowship is a competitive award
    open to recent doctorates in the earth, marine, and planetary science or allied fields. The appointment is for one year and may be extended for another year based upon performance.

Recipients may pursue their own research interests in any scientific subfield that complements or expands ongoing UTIG programs and are encouraged to identify a UTIG mentor. You can find more information here.

  1. The UTIG Computational Geodynamics position is for research that is focused within my group, and likewise for 1+1 years. Start date is flexible, but preferably before the Summer of 2019. There are a number of possible projects, including lithospheric deformation modeling with focus on the evolution of topography and modeling the earthquake cycle in subduction zones. Collaboration with other researchers at UT is strongly encouraged.

Please see my and the JSG web pages for more information on current research projects. The ideal candidate will have a background in geophysics, experience with code developments and deployment on high-performance computing environments, and interests in mantle dynamics including the lithosphere.

Please note that both positions require a recent PhD (within the three years).

To apply, for the positions in case of

  1. the UTIG post-doc, should you wish to work with me, please send me a CV and half-page description of your research project to discuss; the deadline for you to apply to UTIG formally (which would be the next step) is January 13, 2019.

  2. send me, by email and in PDF format, a one-page description of research achievements and interests, a reprint of your favorite publication, and a CV. In the case of a match of interests, I will get back to you with information on how to apply formally through the UT pages once the position gets announced in the near future.

A separate and open announcement for this second position will also follow.

Thanks much in advance for sharing this post widely, I’d be happy to answer

any questions.

Happy New Year



Thorsten W. Becker - UTIG & DGS, JSG, UT Austin