Postdoc position at USC

Two year Postdoctoral Scholar position on “Merging Multi-scale Velocity Models”

A Postdoctoral Scholar position is available at the University of Southern California starting October 1, 2019, in a 2-yr project on merging multi-scale/resolution information on seismic velocities in southern California. The goal of the project is to combine results of regional tomographic models, basin studies and other imaging efforts focusing on the shallow crust, local special projects associated with dense deployments, velocity information available at some locations from industry, borehole results, etc. Potential candidates should have expertise in seismic imaging, inverse theory and image processing. The research will also involve simulations of ground motion to validate candidate merged models, and contribute to improving a framework for physics-based seismic hazard analysis by the Southern California Earthquake Center.

The salary is commensurate with experience and qualifications, with a benefits package that includes health, dental, vision, life and disability insurance.

Interested candidates should send an email to with a curriculum vitae and 2-3 references that may be contacted for letters of recommendation by May 31.