Post-doc & grad students in computational studies of midocean ridges at Boston College & Univ. Hawaii

Graduate Student and Post-doc Opportunities in Computational Geophysical Studies of Mid-Ocean Ridges

Two individuals (graduate students and/or post-docs) are sought to join a research team led by Boston College and the University of Hawaii-USA, collaborating with scientists from ENS Paris-France and University of Mainz-Germany, in carrying out high-performance computer simulations of the 4-D interaction of faulting and magmatism at mid-ocean ridge segments near transform and non-transform offsets. We seek individuals with strong backgrounds in math and physics, experience in computer modeling, good writing skills, and keen interests in geophysical research. Contact Prof. Garrett Ito, and Prof. Mark Behn, Graduate-student applications are January 10 (BC) and January 15 (UH); post-doctoral applications are due soon thereafter.