PhD Opportunity at New Mexico Tech in Geodynamic Modeling of Fluid Transport within Plate Boundaries

PhD Opportunity at New Mexico Tech in Geodynamic Modeling of Fluid Transport within Plate Boundaries

We seek a graduate student to join the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology in an innovative geophysical research investigation. The project will focus on the development of geodynamic models of fluid transport through plate boundaries and global estimates of volatile fluxes in subducting plates.

This project is part of a highly collaborative and multidisciplinary research effort to develop state-of-the-art global and regional models of solid Earth deformation from the surface of the Earth to the core-mantle boundary. Throughout the PhD project, the graduate student will closely interact with the multidisciplinary team and get the opportunity and necessary training to participate in associated efforts to develop new methods for visualization, multi-physics code coupling, and analysis of “Big Data”. The graduate student will be supervised by Dr. John Naliboff (New Mexico Tech) and in strong collaboration with Prof. Juliane Dannberg (Univ. Florida) and additional members of the multi-disciplinary research team.

Qualifications: The candidate will participate in a wide variety of activities that include, but are not limited to, multi-physics simulations, software development, high-performance computing, 4D visualization, and statistical analysis between simulation and natural data sets. Given these activities, we seek a candidate who has strong interests in geophysics and computational geodynamics. Candidates with experience in numerical modelling, data analysis, programming, and research are highly desired.

The graduate student position is fully funded at New Mexico Tech for 5 years and provides 12 months of research support per year. The official start date of the position is August, 2020.

For more information, please contact Dr. John Naliboff ( and Prof. Juliane Dannberg ( Candidates are strongly encouraged to contact Dr. Naliboff and Dannberg before applying. If you plan to attend AGU, we will be available for meetings!

Applications for the positions are due January 15, 2019. To apply, please visit