NSF Webinar: Navigating the New National Geophysical Facility Competition

The National Science Foundation (NSF) is soliciting proposals for managing the operation and maintenance of the National Geophysical Facility (NGF). This facility will succeed both of NSF’s current geophysical facilities: the Seismological Facility for the Advancement of GEoscience (SAGE) and the Geodetic Facility for the Advancement of GEoscience (GAGE). NGF will become a keystone of the geoscience research community by facilitating research to study a variety of Earth processes from local to global scales.

This facility will operate global and regional networks of sensors and a lending library of scientific instrumentation. Additionally, this facility will support archiving, quality control, and delivery of geophysical data to provide a robust resource for the geoscience community. NGF will also provide education, outreach, workforce development, and community engagement activities to serve a wide range of audiences. The award recipient will work closely with NSF and the scientific community to ensure that NGF capabilities support and advance Earth Science and its related disciplines.

To learn more about this solicitation, please attend our webinar on November 9, 2023, at 3 PM EST. During this webinar, Program Officers from the Division of Earth Science will review the scope of the solicitation, discuss the competition process and timeline, and answer questions. Attendees can submit questions ahead of time on the registration page: Registration Link.

Competition for the Management of Operation and Maintenance of the National Geophysical Facility | NSF - National Science Foundation.

Eva E. Zanzerkia
Program Director, Geophysics
Division of Earth Sciences, Directorate for Geosciences
National Science Foundation