Modelling erosional processes with PyLith?

I’m starting my PhD in active tectonics and I would like to make some numerical modelling of crustal/lithospheric deformation including erosional process. From what I have read, PyLith seems to be a really adaptable modelling software but I have not found for now any information regarding erosion. So my question is : can Pylith include erosional process while performing crustal deformation modelling ? or have anybody already tried to do it ?


PyLith is intended for short-term crustal dynamics where the geometry of faults and the domain do not change. It does not include erosional processes. Software for long-term lithosphere dynamics, such as ASPECT do include surface processes. You may find the features you are looking for in ASPECT or other codes under the long-term tectonics category in CIG.

Thank you for your quick answer and your advice !