Long term seismic cycle

Hi all,
I am new to the community. For my Ph.D. project, I have the intention to use Pylith to create long-term seismic cycles (for 5-6 million years) with specific earthquake intervals to see what happens in the long term with individual earthquakes to see the resulting topography. I am aiming to start with half-elastic spaced and just simulate co-seismic and inter-seismic deformation. I am just curious if the Pylith is the correct choice for this project because most of the tutorials are focused on just a few earthquakes.
Thank you for your time.

PyLith assumes the geometry does not change. Over 5-6 million years fault systems generally evolve, with new faults emerging and the geometry of individual faults becoming simpler. If you do not intend to include changes in geometry, then you should probably be focusing on a shorter time scale. If you do intend to include evolving fault geometry, then another code that includes that feature would be better. Most longer-term tectonic codes model faults using localized strain, not dislocations as PyLith does.