Material-ids (=0?)


What are material-ids in the examples? If material-ids=0, what does it mean?

I am new to the pylith so I am not clear in that.


Material IDs are used to define a set of cells with the same material type. I assume you are looking at examples that use PyLith MeshIOAscii mesh format. In those examples (box-2d), all of the cells in the mesh are assigned the same material ID (0). This ID is then used to identify those cells in the .cfg files. If you look in examples/box-2d/pylithapp.cfg, you will find:

# label_value must match the values in the mesh material-ids.
description = Elastic material
label_value = 0

The label_value used in the .cfg file is the corresponding material-ids in the mesh files.


Ok. Thank you so much!