Louise Kellogg, 1959-2019

Many of you will have heard that Louise Kellogg passed away a couple of days ago. Louise was a fantastic scientist (deservedly making it to the highest rungs of the American science community), and of course also the person who led CIG for the past many years. In this role, she steadfastly supported the development of ASPECT for nearly ten years, first by funding myself and Timo, then later Juliane, Rene, and finally John, and also by supporting the hackathons that we have been running annually for the past five years. We are all indebted to her not only for her scientific leadership, but also for making both our software and the community we now have around it happen.

On a personal level, I would like to express what I am sure a lot of us feel: Louise was not just a good scientist, but more importantly an outstanding mentor and friend. I have known Louise for a long time now, and have learned many things about being a scientist, a community leader, and a software manager from her. I have also learned about history and country music. I have enjoyed many hours of conversations with her, about topics important or not. I have always felt her compassion and humanity when we sat together to talk: she was unwavering in her support of young colleagues, and of women and underrepresented groups in the sciences. I can say with conviction that the time with her has made me a better human.

I have lost a good friend in her. I believe we all have.