[CIG-ALL] Very sad news - Louise Kellogg

Dear Friends and Colleagues from CIG,

I am very sad to have to pass on to our community the news that we have lost Louise Kellogg who passed away last night.
Louise was unwell for just a short time and it is a terrible shock for all of us that she will not be returning to lead CIG.

CIG was very important to Louise and she worked very closely with the executive committee to outline her vision for the future of the organisation. We will all work very hard to see that vision delivered. Louise had asked Magali Billen and Lorraine Hwang to step in to look after CIG in the short term.

We do not have details of a memorial service or means to pass on condolences to Louiseā€™s family but will circulate any information as soon as we can.

Louis Moresi (Chair EC)
Magali Billen
Lorraine Hwang

Prof Louis Moresi