Lithostatic pressure boundary traction model - number of integration points


I recently increased the resolution of a model I’m working on and began getting the error below:

Exception ‘ExcMessage(“Not enough integration points for this resolution.”)’ on rank 0 on processing:

I also saw this error was caused by the number of points being less than 2^refinement as is stated in the error output.

When I increase the number of integration points, it of course runs with no error, however I’m wondering what the rule of thumb is regarding the number of integration points.

Also, if it is 2^refinement, how is refinement level calculated when there is both global refinement and adaptive refinement?

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Just updating this following discussions from the User Meeting this morning.

The number of integration points at minimum should indeed be 2^refinement, where refinement is calculated as Initial adaptive refinement + Initial global refinement.

Also, there is no serious consequence to using too many integration points, other than the time for solution.