How to make the displacement rate decay within the block

Hi, Brad,
I’m working on a simple case that similar to the example 3d/subduction/step01. I applied a uniform displacement rate at the -x boundary and leave other boundaries free slip. I found that the displacement rates within the block are almost constant. Is there any setup can cause the decay of displacement rates within the block as distance to the -x boundary increases while leaving other boundaries free slip?

If the displacement (or velocity) on the -x boundary (as in your diagram) is applied across the entire boundary of the domain, it will extend across the entire domain. For the deformation to decay with distance, it must be applied over some length scale that is a small fraction of the boundary. The length scale over which the loading is applied will determine the length scale over which the deformation decays with distance. This is not PyLith specific, but associated with elasticity boundary value problems in general.

Thanks for helping. I’ll have a try.