How to apply dynamic core to a model with a rectangular geometry?


For the purpose of performing a more realistic simulation, i’d like to know how to apply the temperature boundary condition like dynamic core to a model with a rectangular geometry?


the dynamic core model was specifically made for the spherical shell geometry. If you wanted to apply it to a rectangular geometry, you will have to read through the source code of this model and consider how to adjust it to your needs. I don’t think it can be done purely from the .prm file.


Hi, Prof.

Indeed, just modify the .prm file is not enough, i studied the dynamic_core.h && My thoughs/questions are:

  1. Manually enter the value of Rc (i.e., the radius of CMB) from the .prm file instead of automatically reading it from inner_radius() function.
  2. The key to this issue seems to be in the update() function, especially the snippet of code starting from line 657 (calculate core mantle boundary heat flow) if I understand it correctly. Assuming the geometry is box now, can i directly modify ‘if(cell->face(f)->boundary_id() == CMB_id)’ to ‘if(cell->face(f)->boundary_id() == id_of_bottom)’ ?

Or is there any other way to make up a spherical shell under the box ?