How the elastic properties are distributed for a heterogeneous material?

Hello everyone,
I have a mesh composed of four blocks, where one of them is the continental crust. For the latter I have a seismic tomography, so the elastic properties of the crust are heterogeneous. My question is if for example the horizontal extent of my continental crust is between 28-32°S and 72-65°W, but my tomography has an extent between 29-31°S and 70-68°W how is this distributed for the rest of the domain?.
Just in case, I already implemented this for a quasi-static coseismic displacement and got consistent results.

In general, the spatial database values are interpolated. If a spatial database finds that it is extrapolating, it will produce an error message and a PyLith simulation will abort. If you use a SimpleDB with the query_type set to nearest (SimpleDB — SpatialData 3.1.0dev documentation), then throughout the entire region where the spatial database is used, the nearest values will be used, including along the boundaries; in this case the spatial database need not extend over the entire simulation region. If you want values interpolated from the tomography model, then I recommend padding values along the boundaries of your tomography model so that it spans the extent of the region where the spatial database is used. If the tomography model is a logical grid, then I recommend using the SimpleGridDB (SimpleGridDB — SpatialData 3.1.0dev documentation) as the queries are more efficient.