How could I get "spatialdata" in order to run test code for pylith?

Hi all, I cloned pylith source code by git and try to learn it started with a few unit tests, so I run first, then I installed “numpy”, “h5py”, but can’t find “spatialdata” anywhere.
So how could I get that spatialdata and run the test code?

I see this from source code “”.
import numpy
import h5py
from spatialdata.units.NondimElasticQuasistatic import NondimElasticQuasistatic

I use :
pip install numpy
pip install h5py
pip install spatialdata

then I got an error hint :
ERROR: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement spatialdata (from versions: none)

ERROR: No matching distribution found for spatialdata

First, is there a reason why you are trying to build PyLith from source rather than using the Linux (can also be used on Windows via the Windows subsystem for Linux) or Mac OSX binaries? These make installation very easy as you don’t need to build anything.

Second, if you do need to install from source, then we strongly recommend using the PyLith installer utility available on the PyLith software page. The installer will install of the PyLith dependencies, including spatialdata. Spatialdata cannot be installed via pip; you need to run configure and build with the C++ compiler and Python.

We have installed Pylith by docker several days ago, I prefered docker very much and that’s why we didn’t choose Pylith installer, and our leader wants us to achieve a better understand about Pylith’s implement details, and to make some prepare for modifying a bit implements when we need.

So I think that means I need build some c/c++ code first before running python files that import Spatialdata, right? Wonder how do you test new code’s change? is anyway that can be used to run PyLith within IDE such as Pycharm or sublime?
Thanks a lot.

The Docker container contains a built version of PyLith. It provides the same thing as the binary (including dependencies), but requires doing your work inside the container. The binary installs without a container, so it is easier to integrate with other tools.

PyLith does not run within an IDE. Please see the manual for examples on how to install and run PyLith, including many examples.

Get it,thank you for your help, we’ll check the manual first.