Hackathon feedback

I would like to ask for some feedback on the style and organization of the developer workshop: In particular:

  • Do you think the hackathon was useful?
  • Do you think the presentations were useful? Would you like more/less presentations vs. more/less free work time?
  • Were you able to make significant progress on the projects you were interested in? Was there something that prevented you from being more productive? Was there something that was helping you significantly and should be extended?
  • Do you think the location and organization of meals was useful for the workshops goals?

This is intended to be an open discussion. Any feedback is appreciated in order to make any possible future workshop as productive as possible.

Hackathon: Very useful; essential for the longterm health of the project.

Presentations: were useful. What is necessary is more TOTAL time in the next workshop. Then the presentations will be fine in terms of presentation time vs. devel time. In addition to the presentation PDFs, it would be nice to maintain access to Nick’s Jupyter notebook as well.

Progress: I was on the Diagnostics Group, and we made very good progress with the time at hand.

Location: was very nice, but other sites would be fine as well (noting that this might cut down on the number of CU attendees, who presently form a large part of the Rayleigh development community). —Meals onsite were critical, even if I felt a bit trapped in the tower at times.

Hackathon: Very useful. In addition to getting to meet face-to-face and familiarize oneself with the systems in place for collaboration, it was exceedingly useful to get a feel for who the experts in the community are. That way I know who to bother!

Presentation: I think for the first Hackathon, presentations were essential to get everyone onboard. The relative mix of working group time and presentations may need to change for future meetings.

Meals: Yes please! The snacks kept us going, but the common lunches really helped with both keeping our work momentum, but cementing social relationships (a crucial ingredient in any enterprise of this nature). My only request would be to have coffee easily available when the working day started.

Hi Jon,

I think you can find the jupyter notebook here.
Best Sebastian

General presentations are here: https://wiki.geodynamics.org/software:rayleigh:hackathon

@feathern - if you send us your slides we can post here as well.