Additional Hackathons



Are people interested in getting together for a longer hackathon? Proposed dates would be arriving May 21 departing June 1. This would be co-located with the ASPECT hackathon.

If these dates do not work for you and you are interested, please propose new dates and/or blackout dates.


I did some checking the other night, and I really don’t think I can make those dates. Something later in the Summer, like mid-June onward would be more ideal in my case.


Drats. Please propose new dates and/or blackout dates.


Length: A longer Ra-Hackathon would be great.

Availability: The academic year ends around June 15th at UCLA. So June 15-30. Then I am booked all of July and early August. Open August 15 - Sept 25th.


I am free except for June 1st to June 7th and end of August (not decided yet, when that workshop will be).


At CU, classes end in May. At the moment, I am fairly free from June onward.


I am tentatively blacked out for June 10-14.


If you have no already, please respond to the doodle poll. I will start looking at dates and venues soon.

Venue suggestions are welcome!!!