Green's Functions

Dear everyone,
Section 7.16 show how to generate static green’s function,and i want to generate elastodynamic green’s function (a ball impact the elastic cube,and generate the green’s function between the impact point and the receiving point ) by using pylith.So can Pylith realize it ?
thank you very much for your help

PyLith does not have a high-level interface for time-dependent Green’s functions like it does for static Green’s functions.

In the same way that one can create a suite of simulations to generate static Green’s functions without the high-level interface, one could also create one or more simulations to generate time-dependent Green’s functions. In other words, you could impose the impact via a time-dependent Neumann BC and compute the time-dependent response. If you want the response from multiple impacts, you would need to create multiple simulations.

Thank you,sir.I’ll try.