Greenfunction and inversion for multiple faults

Dear everyone,

Is it possible to calculate greenfunction and do the inversion for multiple faults?
I followed step07a and 07b in 3d subduction examples. I tried to put 2 faults for the interface and defined also its id.
But it gives me some errors. Pylith insisted to find id 100 for the fault.

Thank you in advance.

Alvina K K

The GreensFns problem type will compute Green’s functions for a single fault. To compute Green’s functions for multiple faults, simply create multiple simulations and combine their results. Steps 7a and 7b demonstrate how this is done for a single fault by splitting the computation based on the slip direction; in practice this is done to speed up the computation by running the simulations simultaneously on a cluster.

You can set the fault id on which to impose the Green’s functions in the GreensFns problem. The default is 100. See greenfns.cfg in examples/3d/subduction.

fault_id = 100

Dear @baagaard ,

Thank you for you reply. So,the greenfunction for each faults can be simulated separately. And to do the inversion, then I need to combine the greenfunction from each fault. For this part, it means that I need to modify provided in pylith? Is it right?

Thank you in advance.
Alvina KK

Yes. You will need to modify to read in the results from all of the Green’s functions simulations.