Fluid Instabilities

Can convective instabilities like the R-T instability be generated via any Aspect pre-written cookbook? Which one should it be?

Have you tried searching the manual? Search - ASPECT 2.6.0-pre

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When compiling the AV_Rayleigh_Taylor.prm file, the error message show that the shared library is missing :
" Could not successfully load shared library
<./libanisotropic_viscosity.debug.so>. The operating system reports
that the error is this: <./libanisotropic_viscosity.debug.so: cannot
open shared object file: No such file or directory>. "
How to solve this ? How can we obtain this library?

Dear Soham,

Please see this section of the manual:

We’ll probably move this section into a more prominent place soon; you aren’t the first person to have had trouble finding the info.

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