deal.II 9.3 released

Version 9.3.0 of deal.II, the object-oriented finite element library awarded the
J. H. Wilkinson Prize for Numerical Software, has been released. It is
available for free under an Open Source license from the deal.II homepage at


The major changes of this release are:

  • Ten new tutorial programs: step-19 introduces particle methods,
    and step-68 uses these for tracking locations in a flow
    field. step-66 is a matrix-free geometric multigrid solver for a
    nonlinear problem. step-71 and step-72 illustrate automatic and
    symbolic differentiation. step-77 demonstrates deal.II’s SUNDIALS
    interfaces to solve a nonlinear problem. step-74 shows the SIPG
    approach to discontinuous Galerkin methods. step-76 is an explicit
    integrator for the Euler equations. step-78 solves the
    Black-Scholes equations, and step-79 solves a topology
    optimization problem.

  • Experimental support for simplex and mixed meshes.

  • Improved flexibility of the particle infrastructure.

  • Support for global-coarsening multigrid algorithms.

  • Advances in the matrix-free infrastructure.

  • Usage of MPI-3.0 shared-memory features to reduce memory footprint.

  • Improved support for evaluation and integration at arbitrary points.

  • More than 210 other new features, improvements, and bugfixes.

For more information see:

The main features of deal.II are:

  • Extensive documentation and 76 fully-functional example programs
  • Support for dimension-independent programming
  • Locally refined adaptive meshes
  • Multigrid support
  • A zoo of different finite elements
  • Fast linear algebra
  • Built-in support for shared memory and distributed parallel computing,
    scaling from laptops to clusters with 100,000+ processor cores
  • Interfaces to Trilinos, PETSc, METIS, UMFPACK and other external software
  • Output for a wide variety of visualization platforms.

Matthias Maier and Peter Munch,
on behalf of the deal.II developer team and many contributors.