[CIG-ALL] TOMORROW - CIG Webinar Thursday, November 14 @2 pm PT, Richardon Styron, GEM Fault and Hazard Database

THURSDAY, November 14 @ 2P PT

The Release of the GEM Global Active Faults Database and Global Seismic Hazard Map

Dr. Richard Styron, GEM Foundation and Earth Analysis, LCC

In late 2018, the Global Earthquake Model Foundation (GEM) released the initial version of several major products relating to seismic hazard and risk, including the Global Seismic Hazard Map, the Global Seismic Risk Map, and the Global Active Faults Database. Though these are intended primarily to support GEM's mission to reduce earthquake risk, they may be of use or interest to geodynamics researchers and the broader Earth science community. The GEM Global Active Faults Database (github.com/GEMScienceTools/gem-global-active-faults) is a dynamic, evolving compilation of active faults worldwide, currently containing ~14,000 fault traces. Associated metadata describe the geometry, kinematics, slip rates and other parameters relevant to seismic hazard analysis. Metadata completeness varies regionally, with ~75% of faults having some slip rate information. The GEM Global Seismic Hazard Map (globalquakemodel.org/gem) displays the geographic distribution of Peak Ground Acceleration with a 10% probability of exceedance in 50 years, and is derived from a mosaic of national or regional seismic hazard models created by a variety of organizations including the GEM Secretariat. Additional topics of collaboration or mutual beneficial research between the geodynamics and seismic hazard communities will be discussed.

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