[CIG-ALL] COURSERA video course on computational wave propagation

Dear Colleagues,

a video course on the COURSERA platform is now available (freely
accessible upon registration) in the field of computational wave
propagation: https://www.coursera.org/learn/computers-waves-simulations

The course covers numerical solutions of the 1D (2D) acoustic and
elastic wave equations using

- the finite-difference method

- the pseudospectral methods (Fourier and Chebyshev)

- the linear finite-element method

- the spectral-element method (Lagrange interpolation and GLL numerical

A nice new feature of the COURSERA platform is the option to have
integrated Jupyter notebooks (Python). The entire material is supported
by Python codes embedded in Jupyter notebooks.

The course aims in particular at students entering the field of
computational methods applied to partial differential equations, but
also at researchers who make use of community simulation codes and would
like to have a basic understanding how they work.

Please forward to interested students/researchers. A trailer can be
found here: https://youtu.be/yr3RrQ3r1Ic

Kind Regards

Heiner Igel

PS: apologies for multiple postings

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