[CIG-ALL] CIG: Season's Greetings

18 December 2020

Dear CIG Community,

The close of the 2020 Fall AGU meeting signals to me that the holiday season is upon us in earnest. I hope many of you have productive discussions during AGU in this expanded virtual venue. As we reflect on the meeting and the year, please take a moment to check to see if we captured your AGU presentation:

and your publications in 2020:

If you cite the code in your papers and abstracts, then your presentation/publication should be listed. Please contact us if you need help in citing software.

2020 was a year full of “firsts” - fully virtual hacks, meetings, and virtual team management. With that said, our community has seemed to adapt remarkably well in this transition as we were an early adopter of zoom and our activities have always spanned time zones (yawn) in order to engage the global community. Happily, virtual teams are becoming more accepted and is perhaps one part of the new normal to be retained. What sustains me during this period of enhanced lockdowns we find ourselves in is the hope that we can begin planning to bring people together again.

Happy Holidays and a toast in remembrance of all those we hold fond memories of and for 2021 to bring continuing improvements to worldwide health and all that it touches.