[CIG-ALL] CIG May 2020 Newsletter

May 2020 Volume 9 Issue 2

Research Highlight

Composition of the Symphonic poem SEIS, InSight No.1, PhiloGaïa Orchestra

Being a seismologist at IPGP with its first seismometer SEIS on the red planet for the NASA InSight project (led by Philippe Lognonné), I am actively involved in the project to analyze marsquake seismograms. During a science team meeting in Pasadena just after the landing (November 26th, 2018 my birthday!), we were impressed by a****video made by Andrew Huang who started to make music on instrumental noise sent from Mars. At the end of my talk, I said “challenge accepted” and promised to write a small music for the upcoming science team meeting in Paris on June 2019 featuring the seismic noise from Mars. InSight Suite No. 0 or later the third movement Seismic noise on Mars of the symphonic poem was recorded during the Paris Internationale Festival 2019 (thanks to Performance Agency Production). Subsequently, I asked Thomas Ferrand (UCSD postdoc and professional poet) and Pauline Bonnet (IPGP PhD candidate) to write poems for InSight. These became the second movement*, Poems that Vibrate, Pauline and Thomas, *of my symphonic poem - the first classic music on martian seismology! The first movement *Pictures of Dream *is accompanied by images drawn during several famous Friday beer ateliers in IPGP, organized by Aurélie Coudurier. The first full performance took place Fall 2019.

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*contributed by *
Nobuaki Fuji, Université de Paris, Institut de physique du globe de Paris

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